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We are the famous furniture company in lagos, Nigeria, we are into the manufacturing of Home and Office furniture. We at Pavewood Decorations understand that building a house should not be an every day affair, that's why we are into business to give your house [project] lasting beauty with our quality and functional design that will stand your product out from the status quo, and position you among the elite and well to do in the society with the best of funishing inthis part of the world.

To create, fabricate and make furnitures, furniture designs and accessories available to the Nigeria and international markets

OUR MISSION Design and produce customise furnitures and furniture accessories for individuals and corporate bodies for home and offices with uncompromising quality and style at competative prices. through constant innovations in designs and production lines

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The neatness of your room is determined by the arrangement and orderliness of things in that room. You should always make a point to arrange your room/rooms well by keeping all your accessories inside the cupboards or wardrobes( custom furniture) provided in your house. You should not throw anything just like that in your house. It is said that your house is the most comfortable place for you. If you make your house messy that is if you don’t have a customized furniture that just fits for you, it can never be considered a comfortable house. Also the arrangements of the customized furniture in any house determine the personality of the person living in that house.

Sometimes your house may be too small or some times it can be too large. You may not find enough space to keep the furniture correctly arranged by leaving enough space to move around the space. In that case you will be in search of some furniture that suits your specific need. It is a belief that your rooms will look spacious…

Make a Statement With Our Stylish Home Furniture

Your home furniture plays a vital role in making your style statement. Decorating a perfect house starts with selecting good furniture-that's where Pavewood Decorations comes in. So if your first choice is not perfect, then the end result might not be as fulfilling as you want. If you want the furniture to have class and durability, then investing in stylish home furniture would be the best choice.
What you choose to furnish your home is a reflection of your personal taste. This makes it important for you to first be clear on how you want to decorate your home, what kind of furniture you want to buy and how you want to go about it. Furniture is available in different varieties for all kind of rooms. Be it for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or even the patio, furniture of different sizes are needed most of your basic needs. Whatever type of furniture you decide to purchase; it should emphasize the character and style of your house, standing your hous…

Pavewood Home Furniture

Pavewood Decorations is a wood specialty company with emphasis on quality, timely delivery, sincerity and complete customer satisfaction. Our home furniture is well known as one of the best home furniture manufacturers in Lagos, Nigeria. We develops high quality wood products and furniture specially built to provide maximum comfort.Every piece of timber that goes into our product has been carefully selected by our expert artisans and are either air or kiln seasoned, so as to stand against any weather conditions they may be subjected to. We have an experience work force and quality machinery [power tools] to meet and surpass clients expectations. We take our craftsmanship very seriously and that is why we have always intrigue our clients and their friends, distinguishing their projects from the status quo. We also create a variety of products classified according to name selection.
     One popular line is the Home Collection, which features an exquisitely colored collection…